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Collecting Antique Books: Top 10 Blogs in 2024

A book shelf full of antique and rare books.

Where to find advice for collecting antique books?

In the rare book-collecting world, staying informed and connected is vital for finding hidden literary gems. Whether you’re a seasoned bibliophile or just starting your journey into antique books, the blogosphere provides valuable insights. Here are the top 10 antique book blogs you should bookmark in 2024:

  1. AABA Blog: With the latest news on upcoming book fairs, detailed information about booksellers, and tips about collecting antique books, the AABA Blog is a must-read for anyone passionate about rare and vintage books.
  2. Rare Books Digest: This informational and educational site is your go-to source for discovering information on where to buy antique books. Contributions from academic and business institutions and individuals support Rare Books Digest.
  3. Raptis Rare Books: The Raptis Rare Books blog offers insights into various literary classics and their authors. Here you can find interesting articles about both classic and contemporary authors.
  4. Books Tell You Why: Books Tell You Why blog provides insightful analyses and reviews of rare books and first editions. Through engaging content and expert commentary, the blog aims to educate and inspire book enthusiasts worldwide.
  5. Library of Congress: Through a combination of articles, images, and multimedia content, the Library of Congress blog highlights the library’s role in preserving special rare editions.
  6. Fine Books & Collections: As the name suggests, the Fine Books & Collections blog is where antique books collectors can find information about where to buy rare fine editions.
  7. Princeton University: At Princeton University blog about antique books you can educate yourself about various aspects of antique books. Some of those elements are binding, illustrations, bookplates, and stamps.
  8. Columbia University Libraries: The Columbia University Libraries blog shares updates on library resources, services, and events. Here you can find information about upcoming exhibitions or workshops.
  9. British Library: The British Library blog titled Untold Lives is a valuable source not just for learning about antique books, but people’s lives worldwide, from the dawn of history to the present day. They are told through the written word, images, audio-visual and digital materials.
  10. Shapero Rare Books: We’re rounding off with the Shapero Rare Books Blog where you can find many interesting articles related to antique books, their authors, and the stories behind them. Here you can also find amazing antique book catalogs.

    A public library in London where you can find numerous antique books.


This was our list of 10 antique book blogs for this year. Now you have everything you need to delve into the fascinating world of collecting antique and vintage books in 2024.

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Happy reading and happy collecting!


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