All the questions related to items, shipping, returns, and authenticity

How are items shipped?

We take the utmost care that the items you ordered arrive at you in the condition shown in pictures and meticulously described. In case they do not, you are free to return the item and you will be given a refund or receive a partial refund at our discretion. Please see the details on the returns and refunds page.

When are items shipped?

We send all items within 24 hours of payment being received on a working day. In case we are on holiday the item will be shipped the first next working day. Please note that this does not apply to items that need an export permit. In case they do, it will be clearly stated on the item’s page

Do you offer combined shipping?

It is possible to combine purchases so that you don’t have to over-pay shipping. Combined shipping is available for all items of the same category/size. In case you accidentally overpay for shipping do not hesitate to contact us and you will receive a refund equal to the difference you overpaid. Example: You ordered a postcard, a pamphlet, and a document. The shipping charges are $6, $8, $7. Are they combinable? Yes! The total shipping would be $21. With combined shipping, the total would be $8, i.e. the shipping expenses for the item whose shipping charges are the highest. Please be aware that items of some categories can’t be combined. A book and a postcard can be combined if the size of the book is bigger than the postcard so that they can fit together in the envelope. But a cardboard photo and a poster can’t be combined because the first one is packed in an envelope and the second in a tube. The same goes for posters and books.

How are items shipped?

All items are shipped via registered priority airmail. In other words, you will receive a tracking number with whom you can trace the item’s location at any given time. In case you want another carrier like UPS, DHL, or another, please notify us before payment.

Books and maps All the books and maps are shipped via private courier (DHL Express). The shipping is free.

Posters and Engravings Posters and most of the engravings (Larger than A4 format) will be shipped in strong cardboard tubes. Booklets, photos, documents, and similar All of the above-mentioned items are sent in an envelope. One side of the item is reinforced with a strong piece of cardboard that prevents the bending of the item during the journey to its new home. The item is held together with a plastic foil that binds the item in place so that neither water nor other elements can damage the item. Postcards and other philatelic items Are sent in a strong foil that protects the postcard from bending and damage.

Can I return an item?

Sure! In case you would like to return/exchange the item for any reason you are free to do so. We ask all our buyers to contact us before sending an item back. The moment the item arrives back the buyer will be entitled to a refund minus the expenses for shipping and a 15% restocking fee. Exchange for another item from the store is also an option. It is possible to return an item within 60 days from the date of arrival. For details see our Returns and Refunds page.

What about Customs?

Please be aware that you may be charged by the customs office in your country. There are no hidden expenses like sales or export taxes unless specified in the item’s description. Please familiarize yourself with the import laws of your country before purchasing in case you are not entirely sure if an item is subject to customs taxes. For some items, an export license is needed and additional fees and time to get the export permit will be clearly stated in the item description. Some items may end up at customs inspections in Serbia so we will kindly ask you to be patient while such inspections take place because they can cause a delay in the delivery time. Also, there is a possibility that some items may end at customs inspection in your country. Sometimes it’s a lengthy process, especially for buyers from the US, Italy, Russia, and France.

Original or reproduction?

Every item in the shop is original from the period or date indicated in the item description unless stated otherwise.

An item is out of stock, will it be available later?

As most of our items are one of a kind, there is little chance of that. An “out of stock” item means it has been sold or withdrawn from sale for other reasons. Contact us at and we will do our best to find something as similar as possible to the desired item.

I don't have PayPal, how can I pay for an item?

You can make a purchase with your credit/debit card that will be processed via PayPal. You don’t need to have an account. We currently offer a few other payment methods, such as ACH payment (US clients only) SEPA Eur transfer (EU clients only) Cryptocurrency Wire transfer Payoneer If you want to pay via bank transfer, please contact us at to receive an invoice.

Also, feel free to check our terms and conditions or shipping and return policy pages.

In case you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are eager to respond!

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