Forming collections for interior design and

If you are looking to decorate your interior with engravings, maps or posters, you came to
the right place. We can offer a variety of solutions that will satisfy your taste depending on
the size and style of the space you need decorated.

We also offer a special service for putting together collections of books as well as engravings
and posters. In case you need a whole library or just a few nicely bound works, our experts
will be more than happy to assist you.

Why engravings and posters? For starters, they are a testament to history- small relics of a
time gone by that allow you to put a touch of antique in your home or workplace.
Furthermore, they are way cheaper than paintings or other pieces of art you can put on the
wall. Engravings and posters are certainly pieces of art, but they are also pieces of history.

You will receive a detailed description of every item in the collection you wish to make,
together with copies of the collection catalog.

In case you are an interior designer or a re seller wishing to establish a working
relationship please contact us at
For more information please view our collection forming page.


We offer the service of professional as well as informal appraising for books and engravings/maps.
We can appraise both single items and collections, depending on your needs.
Our appraisals can be used for insurance, estate, or tax purposes. Keep in mind that we will
not offer to purchase the items in question as we will act only as a provider of value. We also offer a physical copy of our appraisals (fees for shipping will apply).
For more information please view our Appraisals page.


Need an item described? We can do it for you!
Feel free to contact us and we will establish a modest fee, depending on the volume of the work and
time required to describe your desired item. If you need an item description for an auction, we will
match and lower the auction house fees.

For more information please visit our page dedicated to the service of describing.

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