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1981 Karpov Spassky Signed 2 Chess Grandmasters World Champion Linares


1984 Russia vs Rest of World Chess Match Of The century Signed


1973 18 Original Autographs Chess Chessboard Karpov Tal Larsen Byrne Russia

1956 Harlem Globetrotters Cowboys Autographs Signed Johnson Carl Green Basketbal


Original Signed FDC 1967 Pavel Popovich Sedov USSR Space Exhibition


1990 Original 9 Chess Autographs Grandmasters Kasparov Spassky Russia


Vladimir Kramnik Inscribed Associated Chess tutorial for Children World Champion


Original Photo + Letter TREATY OF RAPALLO 1920 Sforza Giolitti Italy WWI Serbia


1987 World Chess Championship Kasparov Karpov Russia FIDE Pennant Flag Banner


1966 FDC Signed by 15 Participants ICE HOCKEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Yugoslavia


1960s Original SIGNED Photo Andriyan NIKOLAYEV USSR Cosmonaut Space Flight


Signed Philatelic Album Astronautics IAF Yugoslavia Kubasov 1978 USSR