The history

Predrag Milovanović, the founder of Scientific and Bibliophilic Antiquarian Book Store – Orfelin

Sigedon Books & Antiques (Sigedon ltd.) is an online shop specializing in rare and antiquarian books, maps, ephemera, and art.

The store is actually a successor of Naučni i bibliofilski antikvarijat – Orfelin [Scientific and Bibliophilic Antiquarian Book Store – Orfelin] founded in Belgrade in 1985. It was founded by the late Predrag Milovanović, a passionate book lover, interested in researching, acquiring, and preserving rare and valuable books, which he viewed as an essential part of not just any one nation’s cultural history, but as a foundation of the cultural history of humanity and civilization as a whole.


Orfelin was the first privately owned antique bookshop in Yugoslavia but also on the whole Balkan peninsula. In 1990 Predrag married Vesna and the business description shifted from a sole trader’s passion to a family business.

Predrag and Vesna Milovanović, a few days prior to the re-opening of the bookshop at the new location in Belgrade, Knez Mihajlova street, 2008.

The collectors quickly recognized the store as the biggest and best stocked in the Balkans. The store consisted of only a fraction of his immense private library of over 70 000 books. Initially, the store specialized in books from the countries of former Yugoslavia and the Balkan Peninsula in general. Still, over time it grew to encompass valuable books in Latin, German, French, English, Russian and other languages.

The books cover many diverse subjects such as history, science, medicine, art & art history, literary classics, poetry, religion, etc. From its founding, the store was the host to events, public speakers, illustrious guests, and movie shootings. Today the store expanded its offer to include posters, historical photographs, ephemera, and other collectibles. We also offer free professional opinion and appraisal of books, manuscripts, and prints.


Today’s Vision

Predrag and Marko Milovanović during the Night of the Museums (Ноћ Музеја) event in Belgrade, Serbia, 2010.

Today, Marko Milovanović runs a store, Predrag and Vesna’s son. Marko worked side by side with his father at the bookstore since 2009 and managed the eBay store in 2011. He spent the few years to follow between his studies in philosophy at the Philosophy faculty at Belgrade University and learning about antique books from one of the most knowledgeable men in the trade. During those years Vesna decided to withdraw from the business. After Predrag’s passing in 2015, Marko also withdrew from the business to re-open in the summer of 2017. Keen on keeping the family tradition alive and offering a place for collectors and history enthusiasts to meet, Marko continues today is father’s store with a clear vision of the future.

Marko Milovanovic runs the store now.

In mid-2015 we started a blog and today we update it on a regular basis. We think of this blog as a place of gathering for all book lovers, history enthusiasts, and collectors. When running an online store it is often the case that we don’t have enough room to present to our buyers the full, rich, and enlightening historical and cultural background of particular items in our collection. Here we hope to provide that and engage in discourse based on the feedback from our viewers. We encourage you to contact us with any question you might have about any item or subject and engage in discussions and leave your feedback in the comment sections.

Welcome to Sigedon Books and Antiques.