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Sigedon Books & Antiques is a distinguished online shop specializing primarily in rare and antiquarian books. Our extensive collection includes periodicals, engravings, maps, manuscripts, and other valuable collectibles. Established on eBay in 2008, our store proudly continues the legacy of Naučni i bibliofilski antikvarijat – Orfelin [Scientific and Bibliophilic Antiquarian Book Store – Orfelin], which was founded in Belgrade in 1985. Our late founder, Predrag Milovanović, a devoted book enthusiast, possessed an unwavering passion for researching, acquiring, and safeguarding rare books. He regarded these literary treasures as integral to our national cultural history and a foundation of the broader cultural history of humanity and civilization as a whole.


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Orfelin in 2007.

Sigedon Books & Antiques swiftly earned its reputation as the largest and most extensively stocked store in the Balkans. Despite comprising merely a fraction of our founder’s immense private library, which boasts over 70,000 books, the store garnered recognition for its unparalleled selection. Initially focusing on books from former Yugoslavia and Balkan Peninsula countries, our inventory expanded over time to encompass valuable works in diverse languages such as Latin, German, French, English, Russian, and more.

Presently, we have further broadened our offerings to include philately items, posters, as well as historical and vintage photographs. Moreover, we take pride in providing complimentary professional opinions and appraisals for books, manuscripts, and prints. Our team of experts is at your disposal, ensuring you receive a comprehensive understanding of the value and significance of your treasured items.

Sigedon Blog

Our blog serves as a virtual haven for book lovers, history enthusiasts, and collectors alike. Recognizing the limitations of running an online store, we understand that we often lack the space to present the complete background of each item in our collection to our valued buyers. Hence, this blog aims to bridge that gap by offering in-depth insights and detailed narratives about the items we offer.

Moreover, we aspire to foster engaging and interactive discussions based on feedback and input from our cherished viewers. We wholeheartedly encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries regarding specific items or subjects. Whether you seek further information, desire to delve deeper into a particular topic, or simply wish to share your thoughts, our team is here to facilitate and participate in these enriching conversations.

We invite you to actively engage with our blog, leave your feedback in the comment sections, and join us in creating a vibrant community of passionate individuals who appreciate the beauty and significance of books, history, and collectibles.

Welcome to Sigedon Books & Antiques.

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