In this series of articles we will be going through the basis of item collecting as well as the various aspects of this noble hobby.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a millionaire in order to be a collector. The only thing that you require is a sincere passion towards a certain “thing”. That “thing” is the subject of your collection and it will be what defines your field of interest. It can encompass many classes of collectible items- for example: “militaria” is the common denominator of any item related to war and military tradition. Some of the first things that may come to one’s mind are weapons and uniforms, right? You might not have known that the actual term “militaria” encompasses many more types of items. Everything from the first English translation of The Art of War by Sun Tzu of the year 1910, correspondence cards written from the trenches in WWI, a medal of the Austro-Hungarian Order of Maria to the military maps used to plan battles falls under the same category. We will be explaining the various terminology used in the mystic world of antiques as we go on with this series about collecting, starting from the term itself.
The word antique is derived from the Latin antiquus that means ancient/old and represents the zeitgeist of an age past. While the term history applies to events which have occurred fifty years back from the present moment, an antique is an item that’s at least 75 years old. Further on we shall see how this definition can get fuzzy at times but for now we will use these numbers as reference points.

An album of rolling tobacco bags. The term tobacciana applies to any item that’s related to tobacco.

The redaction of Sigedon understands collectors and the passion individuals have for history. While being in company of people that have a desire to “own“ pieces of history, we sometimes forget that the vast majority of folks doesn’t share the same interest. I personally think that the main reason for a lack of interest in starting a collector’s career is the lack of knowledge. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a critique of educational systems, all I am trying to say is that you can’t love what you don’t have knowledge of. So, how can you have interest in history if you don’t know enough about it, right? We at Sigedon are trying to get history a step closer to you by writing interesting articles which should make you more familiar with history and make you start to appreciate and love it a bit more than you did yesterday. We are here to ignite the spark, so we will not be covering the whole world history (we are not writing encyclopedias here) nor will we go into extreme details. The research is up to you. The more you read and explore concerning a certain topic the more you will find to love. We are here to show you the various paths history has taken. However, we will not lead you through all of them; we will just point you in the right direction.
In this series of articles we will introduce the basics of this mysterious and foreign world of antiques to you. Enjoy!

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