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La Nausee Sartre Signed Copy Novel 1950 Nausea


Original UNUSED Dust Jacket Maksim Gorky Modernism NOLIT Photo editing 1940


History of RUSSIAN OLD AND RARE BOOKS XVI – XIX century Russia Sidorov 1946


1930s Original UNUSED Dust Jacket Maxim Gorky Modernism Socialist Realism Russia


1940 UNUSED Dust Jacket Maxim Gorky Photo Montage Modernism NOLIT Bihaly


Ca1930 The Killer's Protege Horton Western Novel Fiction American Literature


1994 Daphnis Chloe Marc Chagall Illustrated Collector Graphic Modernism Painting


1966 Berta Segall Zur Griechischen Goldschmiedekunst Germany Art Jewelry


1964 SIGNED Italian Military History WWII Lord Michael Carver Battle El Alamein


Seumas O’Sullivan Poems 1940 Signed Monk Gibbon Irish


1971 Broadway Brooks Atkinson Theatre Critic New York Times Reference USA Art


1986 Hirsebrei Und Hellebarde Werner Meyer Switzerland Medieva Life Illustrated