Among our other services we offer professional and detailed descriptions of the items that you would like us to describe. We will also require large photos (at least 3mb) and measurements of the book/engraving in question. For a description of books we require the following photos/scans:

  1. Binding (front and back)
  2. Frontispiece (if present)
  3. Title page and half-title page (if present)
  4. Two photos within the textblock (the first page and a page at random in the text are sufficient)
  5. All engravings and maps within the book.
  6. The last page.
  7. Ex libris, stamps or other indicators of previous ownership (if present)

For description of an engraving or map, we will need the following photos/scans.

  1. Front
  2. Back
  3. Legend (if present)
  4. Inscription with the author’s name (if present)
  5. Any and all smaller damages that aren’t visible in the large picture
  6. Inscriptions, stamps, markings signatures or other handmade marks

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    We also require that you inform us of any and all damages that aren’t visible on the pictures. Along with that we require the dimensions of the item in question as well as a short history of the item’s provenance. Please note that describing whole libraries or collections can take more time than single items. This service is 40$/ started hour of research. In case the value of the item(s) in question is below 120$ the fee is 20$.   In case you have any question regarding our describing services we will be happy to answer them. Feel free to send us an email at   Yours truly, Sigedon Describing team   Notice: If some details are omitted intentionally by the party requesting the description, Sigedon LTD will not be liable for any offense committed by the party misusing the description.