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Returns and Refunds

Refund policy

The buyer is entitled to a refund in case a complaint is issued within 30 days of the date of delivery. However, the refund will be issued only after the item has arrived back to the address specified on the package as return address. The buyer is not obligated to provide a tracking number. The buyer will be refunded but will not be reimbursed for: shipping expenses, a restocking fee.


Unclaimed items

If an item ordered by the buyer goes unclaimed it will be shipped back. The following will happen as soon as the items return. The buyer will be contacted via email and notified that the item has returned. After that the buyer is given a choice: a full refund minus the shipping expenses or re-attempt to send the ordered item. If the latter option is preferable for the buyer, an invoice for additional shipping expenses will be sent. From the moment the payment has been cleared the item will be shipped to the buyer within 24h.

We urge all buyers to be on the lookout for notices left by the postal service to pickup their items in case they are not present at the date of delivery.

In case the buyer does not respond to our attempts to get in touch a refund will be issued to the buyer minus a restocking fee and shipping expenses.


ReturnĀ  policy

Any item may be returned within 30 days of delivery, no explanation is needed.


Item damaged in transport

In case a purchased item is damaged in transport, we urge you to contact us with the issue as soon as possible. We also urge you to include 2-3 pictures of the damage that the item has sustained. The following four options are a possibility in case the item was damaged in transport.

The buyer can receive a partial refund at their discretion as to the extent of the damage the item sustained.

The buyer can request a discount at their discretion for a following purchase.

The buyer can make a return request and will be reimbursed for the item’s price as soon as it arrives back to us. The buyer will not be charged a restocking fee in that case but will be charged shipping charges.

The buyer may request a replacement item.


Please note:
In all of the instances mentioned above, the buyer must contact our customer support department and inform us of the decision reached.


In case the damage was stated in the item description the buyer is not entitled to a partial refund but may return the item within 30 days of the purchase and receive a refund minus the restocking fee.


Please note:
All the return shipping charges will be paid by the buyer.
The current amount of the restocking fee is: 15% of the item’s price (price without shipping)

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