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1884 Höheren Geodäsie F.R. Helmert Mathematics Physics Geodesy Theory Germa…


1938 Madame Curie Eve Marie Skłodowska Biography Radioactivity Science Nobel


Дорога в космос Road to the Stars Gagarin Autobiography Illustrated Гагарин 1961


1898 Lehrbuch der Algebra Heinrich Weber Mathematics Textbook German


1890 Russian Charles Letourneau Evolution of Property Russia Philosophy


Die darstellende Geometrie Fiedler Wilhelm Descriptive Geometry Mathematics 1885


1914 Ribogojstvo Fish Farming Milan Drnic Illustrated Manual Periodical Croatia


1902 KUNSTSCHMIEDEREIEN Aldinger Architecture Building Wrought Iron Guide German


Elemente der darstellenden Geometrie Smolik Descriptive Geometry Textbook 1882


Vorlesungen uber mathematische Physik Mathematics Physics Kirchhoff 1883 Vol 1


1893 Geologija Srbije Žujović Topografska Geologija Geology Serbia Royal Academy


1809 Fortification Engineering Textbook Militaria Voityakhovsky Militaria


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