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1814 Original Copperplate Engraving Domenico Zampieri Repos En Egypte Egypt Art


1780s Original Copperplate Engraving Masonry Diderot Encyclopedia Water


1814 Original Copperplate Engraving Paulus Potter Animals Prairie Landscape Cow


1749 Comediens Chinois Nieuhof Schley Copperplate Engraving China Comedians


1814 Original Copperplate Engraving Willem De Heusch Paysage Landscape Art Dutch


ca 1740 Original Steel Engraving Fælschlich Schmeichlender Tiger Jaguar Animal


1820 Lithography Traditional Ethnic Woman Costume Montenegro Viala de Somier


1814 Original Copperplate Engraving Raphael La Vierge The Virgin Vergine Art


Original Antique Chromolithograph Litho Bird The Common Buzzard Buteo buteo Aves


Original Chromolithography Butterfly German Encyclopedia Illustrated 1890s


1718 Antique Copperplate Engraving Charles VII Emperor Carol Albert Fridrich


1718 Original Copperplate Engraving ERNESTUS. DUX. Bavaria German Royalty


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